Kael, our little prince charming is born!

I was 35 and pregnant for 6 months when I met my midwives. I knew about home birth from friends but I was not sure if I really had the strength to do it. Sure, it was the most natural way to give birth, but the unknown pain during the actual event scared me the most, and of course death…what if…what if something went wrong….I was brainwashed about fear and pain.

I  went to see many doctors during my pregnancy, both in CR and in Istanbul until I met Rebecca and Monica. And it was a big suprise how wonderful it could feel to go to a prenatal exam. I felt like a woman, a mother to be and so much respect. Even the way they touched my belly was different. They took so much time to listen to me, to answer all my questions and also include my husband in every conversation, giving us support and strength. There was no fear but experience, there were no promise of drugs but ways to ease the pain.

I never went back to the doctor’s office again….Right? No…I was still not sure and pure blank-afraid. I was lucky, my husband really wanted home birth. Until the last week I was unsure, but when the moment came, I was more ready internally than ever. After first hour of heavy contractions, going to the hospital felt unnecessary. I am so grateful I was able to listen to this inner voice and trust myself, my husband, my mother, Monica and Rebecca.

Birth was the most incredible experience of my life. It was difficult and intense. But I did it! I could not have asked for more love, care and support. I knew that I could not prepare myself for what could happen and I practiced a lot to listen to my body and not to fight against mother nature.

Kael, our little prince charming is born 6:30 in the morning after 4 and half hours of heavy labor. We were full of love, energy and happiness and could not stop cuddling, squeezing and kissing this little miracle.

If I were pregnant again, I would want Monica and Rebecca be my midwives again. I love you both so much!