Kassia «oh man she’s beautiful for an alien»

Kassia «oh man she’s beautiful for an alien»

Its April 14th, dinner time. Waiting for Hillar’s famous chicken Mussum (made w/ fish). Starting to get crampy. Hillar finishes the only dish he knows how to make BTW (xtra spicy). I have a  hard time finishing it. I decide to make my way to bed. Had a horrible night. I felt as though I had food poisoning.  Shortly after I realize that I am having surges (contractions), probably about ten minutes apart. I still manage to get some shut eye between them. The next morning the surges were five min. apart. I get excited, though they say to «keep your cool». I stayed in bed all day resting and waiting. Ate, slept, napped and tried a little bom-bom if you catch my drift. The surges subsided. Ten, twenty minutes apart. Before I knew it, it was six pmand dark. 

The surges become more frequent and Yo’s trying to feed me and keep me hydrated for the marathon I’m about to embark on. Eight pm the surges get really intense (oh so intense). Jump in and out of the shower, walk back and forth, move outside come inside,stand up sit down; all the while Chula’s at my side. At this point I tell Yo to get the midwives (Rebecca and Marie) here with my freaking TUB! I finally settle outside, moaning and groaning wrapped in a blanket and sitting in the front yard. While having my surges I concentrate on mars, I think?  ( thank god they come in waves and the sets that hold you down don’t come till the end of your session). All the while Yo’s following me around with pipa (coconut water) and rat size pellets of power bars. It’s all I can handle.

Ten-ish I decide to move inside. Its taking for ever to fill the tub, keep running out of hot water (due to all the showers I took). So Yo’s left to boil water while we wait.  Bless his soul. Bringing it in by the five gallon jug. I try to get comfy ( HA HA HA!).  The surges feel like they are seconds apart. I get the feeling that I need to vomit, and I do. All the while I’m thinking  please don’t get a contraction while puking. Man oh man are they intense. I try lying down cause i’m just so tired. BTW did I mention that this whole time I’m supposed to keep my face calm.

Moaning and groanin’ and trying to slow down my breath. I’m lying in bed propped by pillows and man does it feel good for the five seconds i’m not having a contraction. All the sudden POW!!  somethings happened. My water broke. And the tub is finally ready for me.  Rebecca and Marie check how far I’ve dilated and i’m at nine cm. and ready. Wow does it ever feel gooood, It’s hot it’s soothing and relaxing. I’ve been waiting for so long.

Here comes another surge, OMG I can feel the baby coming. Rebecca and Marie tell me I’m doing great, just keep doing what I’ve been doing. «Breathe the baby down», they say. With every surge I can feel the head come down, and as it comes to an end going back in. At this point I just want the baby out.  Though something tell’s me be patient, all in due time. Just breathe and remember “open”.

As I’m chanting open, open, open- my eyes closed- I think who the hell keeps turning the light on and off. I manage to open one eye and there is my sweet Yo, camera in my face, or I should say in my crotch. Flash, flash, flashing away. I think about asking him in, but something tells me no. What I got going is good.  He’s left the camera and is giving me cold compresses on the forehead, so nice. I get another surge and I can feel the head come out further than before. I know now to keep going, and pop I feel the head come out. a little more and I feel the rest come out. Rebecca and Marie tell me «open your eyes, and grab your baby» It’s 12:45 a.m. April 16.  I cannot believe it. Im so Happy and In love with our baby and my man, and everything. I’ve never felt like this ( oxytocin is so good).

All I can say is «look’s like a little alien» Im so excited I don’t even care what the sex is, but I check and to our surprise she’s a she. And man oh man she’s beautiful for an alien. Thanks Tia Rebecca and Tia Marie.