Alister’s Birth Story

February 1st we drove to San Jose from San Miguel to run some errands. While we where there my midwife suggested that I get an ultrasound because as far as our calculations I was overdue by about 2 weeks. Ultrasound was fine.

For some reason we decided to stay over that night. February 2nd I started having contractions that felt a little bit different than the braxton hicks contractions that I have been having. The contractions were not close together or painful. But I had a feeling that today was the day! Luckily the place we decided to stay the night before was in fact at (Marie) my midwife’s cabin! So we where right where we needed to be for the big event.

My contractions became more regular. So My midwife decided to check me. I was 4 cm! Then she got the birthing pool out to set it up and inflate it. My mother came. My Dad was in charge of filling the pool with warm water. My other midwife (Rebecca) came. Around 4pm I started having contractions that were a little painful.Those lasted for about 3 hours. During this time I took a few short walks up and down the driveway. When I returned to the cabin I enjoyed some Pipa juice. Everyone was having a good time. There was music and candles.

My midwife checked me again, and I was at 8cm! After that the contractions where very painful. After about an hour I got into the pool. I spent an hour labouring in the pool. During which time my water broke. Then I started having pushing contractions. 30 minutes later my baby was coming out. First the head, then his body twisted for the shoulders and the rest of the body to come out. I felt every moment of that. It was worse than the worst pain I could have imagined! But as soon as I was bringing my baby out of the water and towards my chest I knew it was worth it. Instant joy and love filled my heart. All I could do was smile and thank God for my wonderful present! He was perfect! I barely slept that night, I just stared at him thinking how lucky I am and how excited and full of joy!! The best feeling in the world!