Annelien’s Birth

Around the time of my due date I decided to go stay in a place closer to my midwife. Because I heard that with your second baby labor most of the time goes quicker than with your first. We waited for her for about 3 weeks, which felt too long. I was overdue by more than 2 weeks. Then on February 13th I went to get an ultrasound to make sure everything was still ok with the baby.

When we got back that day around 6:30pm. We were talking to our friends who we were staying with, when my water broke (7pm). At first I was too embarrassed to say anything. I got up quietly to make sure I didn’t spill on the seat I was sitting on. As I was standing there with the water running down my pants into my shoes, looking very shocked. I announced what had happened. My mom was so excited that she was screaming jumping up and down.

She immediately called the midwife (Marie), who reassured her that it could still be a while until the baby comes, and that we should call her when contractions start and are close together and constant. Well as soon as my mom hung up the phone I started having contractions. We started timing them to see how far apart they where and how long they lasted. They where 3 min apart for about 20 seconds at a time. We called the midwife back with the news, who said she was coming right away.

My midwife had two student midwives from Denmark staying with her who I agreed to let come to the birth. Vicky was the other midwife that came to the birth. My dad, and our friends where helping to get the pool ready and filled with hot water. Contractions became 2 min apart and about 40seconds long. The midwives arrived around 7:45 pm. We where all having a nice time eating snacks and drinking coconut water. My midwife checked me and I was already 8cm!

One of the student midwives was giving me a back massage. The other was taking pictures. I got into the pool and almost immediately I started having pushing contractions. Pushing lasted about 4 min long (5 or 6 contractions). My body knew exactly what to do and it did it. I prayed for a quick and easy birth! and I got it, well I wouldn’t put easy and child birth in the same sentence! But, yes as easy as it could have been.

I thank God for giving me what I prayed for. She arrived at 8:40pm. I got out of the pool and on to the bed. She started to nurse almost right away, while getting the rest of the «good stuff» from the umbilical cord. My little baby and I just cuddled together for who knows how long. She was perfect! Another wonderful present from God. My midwife cut the cord, and we dressed her.

Then it was time for my son to meet his little baby sister. He was so happy and gentle. Such a beautiful moment. He wanted to hold her and kiss her. My heart was so happy and filled with joy!